Thursday, August 16, 2007


Epic ride last evening with two good pals: John Clark (also known as Johnny B. Clark b/c it just occurred to me) and Jim Robbins (8th and Walnut, b/c his name reminds me of radio ads I'd hear in the Philadelphia area). Three hours, some 2,100 feet of elevation gain and views galore--Mount Baker, the Sisters Range, Bellingham Bay, the San Juans, etc. Stunning.

John led the way taking us on some terrific trails: Cedar Dust, Wonderland--on which I inevitably break out into my faux Springsteen, "Tonight, ... in ... Won ... der... land" (a bastardization of "Jungleland"), Oly, the Intestine (which people seem to pronounce so that the last syllable rhymes with 'mine'), and a bevy of others. Jim volunteered to be the one that got bloody, taking an impressive fall that I watched with mouth-gaping wonder until I took the exact same fall. The speedy John, meanwhile, flew through with no problem.

Top photo is Jim on Wonderland ("Tonight, ... in ... Won ... der ... land") taking in Baker and the Sisters; middle is John on the climb to the Towers; bottom is John and Jim on the Ridge Trail, the barn door open and maybe an hour of sunlight left. Great fun.

Whilst I have you, at your leisure, please to take perusal of my story in today's Seattle Times on a lazy kayaking outing near Mount St. Helens: Hard-hitting, nuthing but the facts, coverage and analysis you can count on.

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