Monday, November 26, 2012


No race this weekend and as the above pic attests, I had no idea what to do with myself. Actually, that's not true. I knew I had to run (literally) because I'm signed up for the Deception Pass 25K on December 8. So that gives me two weeks to get some run training in. (That should be enough time, right?) Fingers crossed that all the CX riding and racing I've been doing has some carryover. If not, that's fine. It'll be great fun to hang out with the Titanium Cowboys (both of whom are real runners) and as I found out last year when I did the race, the DP 25 is a really cool event. (Except that it's hard. And really far. And you're not allowed to use your bike.)

Speaking of the Ti Cowboys (Scott Young and John Clark), we got out on a 2-1/2-hour run in the Chuckanuts yesterday. Great fun, cool to check out the new section of the Two-Dollar Trail and to meet a young feller named Tai (or Ty?) who joined us. Only bummer was my Garmin 500 which, for whatever reason, seems to lose satellite signals whenever I trail run in the woods. Is it because I'm going so much slower when I run than ride? (It never loses the signal during mountain bike rides up there.) Am I such a slow runner that the damn thing just loses interest? (Glenn G., if you read this, I'd appreciate your two cents.)   

Lastly, I wanna give a shoutout of thanks to all the terrific folks at the Tacoma Wheelmen's Bicycle Club (below) who came out for last week's slideshow. Had a great time!.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Area Man descending the Flyover.
Up the hill.
After the race I tried to garner sympathy for my gradually flatting rear tire. Glenn Gervais and Bryan Smith aren't offering any. 
Me. The above shot and the Flyover photo at the top are thanks to nice guy Eric Malsbary, whom I just happened to park next to before the race. We got to talking and realized we climbed Mount Baker together some 14 years ago. See below photo of us, along with Steve Moberg, at the summit. Eric is the strong young guy in the middle. Small world! 

How do I look?

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Fun time Saturday at the Thanks Given'er, a new race and venue--Camp Lutherwood on Lake Samish--for Ryan Rickerts' Cascade Cross series. Way-technical and way-fun course with hills, singletrack, sketchy bridges, a creek crossing, a Flyover, a muddy-stair run up and more. I pinch-flatted on lap two or three of my race (Master C's), but luckily, enough air stayed  in my back tire than I was able to finish in 6th place. 

Below are some pics from the morning races--C's, B's and youth. (I apologize for the pics being sorta dark and gray but that's November for ya'.) 
Tom Fryer in the middle of the Master B race.
The creek crossing by Lake Samish.
Ryan Rickerts practicing on the Evil Stair Run Up. 
Things getting bunched up the first time up the hill.
The Flyover and me. (Thanks to Todd Elsworth for this photo!)
The slippery bridge I feared but that turned out to be fine. (Actually, it was the gap before the bridge  that I feared.)
Glenn Gervais starting to ride away from me. (He took 3rd. Also, he doesn't pronounce the  's' in Gervais, which I find interesting.)

A wise Youth racer doesn't want to get wet.
The downhill road bit. During the second half of my race, this section felt like I was riding on the rim.

Craig Eubank chases Steve Work under the Flyover.
Eric Stromerson and I share post-race bliss.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Great crowd the other night for my slideshow at the big Seattle REI. I forgot to take a pic (bummer), but I want to thank everyone who showed up, as well as Cascade Bicycle Club (for hosting the event) and of course, Mountaineers Books

Next up, the Thanks Given'er on Saturday, yet another cyclocrazed event offered up by Ryan Rickerts at Cascade Cross. This one held at a new venue: Lutherwood Bible Camp on Lake Samish, just south of Bellingham. Can't wait!
Bottleneck atop the Flyover at Cross Border Clash.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012


I'm looking forward to next Tuesday, the 13th, when I'll be presentin' and representin' at Seattle's big downtown REI as my "75 Classic Rides: Washington" World Domination tour continues. I'll be showing slides and chattin' up routes from the book as well as a few of the amazing gravel grinders I did in late summer. Maybe some of the recent CX races I've been throwing down at too. My intent is to inspire and spread my love of bikes, biking and all things bike-related! 

The free event is hosted by Cascade Bicycle Club (Thanks, CBC!) and all the deets are here
Hope to see you there!

Sunday, November 04, 2012


A great weekend of Cascade Cross racing just outside of Ferndale. Here're pics from Sunday's Men's Master C race. I'm whooped! Looking forward to the Thanks Given'r in two weeks!
Mike Hammer hammers the Lake District. (Get it? 'Cause his last name is 'Hammer' and all.) 
Stole this pic from Debbie Gervais (thanks, Debbie!) of Mike Hammer just before he hammers past me. (Get it? 'Cause his last name is ... ) The day before, I'd snapped the rear shifter off my 'cross bike and was forced to ride my mountain bike. Which actually worked out fine.  
Speaking of my rear shifter, just moments before today's race, a really nice dude (whose name I sadly forget) presented me with a gift: my shifter, which he found in the grass whilst pre-riding the course. Thanks, nice dude!
Craig Eubank about to enter the Pump Track for the first time and look, already there're two folks out of commission from the race that started 30 seconds before ours.

Steve Work, Jacob and Glenn Gervais. Glenn went on to win, I believe. Way to go, dude! 

Rotating Surfboard of Death.

Craig on his way to winning the hole shot.

Mike Hammer about to hammer across the Skinny. (Get it? Cause his last name ...)

The Lake District. 

The Sand Pit.

Is this thing working? 
After the race, Mike Hammer is hammered. (Get it?)

Saturday, November 03, 2012


Please enjoy some pics from the Men's Master C race on Day 1 of Cross Border Clash in Ferndale, WA. Tomorrow is Day 2! Same course, opposite direction.
(Just heard that Tyler Farrar showed up and raced in the afternoon ... and was out-sprinted by local mega-He-man Jeff Cummings!)
The flyover. 
The sandy pump track.

The evil sand. 
The rotating surfboard of death. 
The pump track redux.
The time I bit it on the sandy pump track. 
The Lake District.

Approaching the Lake District. 
Bryan Smith bites it on the sandy pump track. 
Before the start with Craig Eubank, Eric Strommerson, Charlie VanZandt, among others.  
Moments before the start. Notice presence of a rear shifter.

Midway through the race. Notice absence of rear shifter, which snapped off sometime during the second lap. Thus, I raced mostly single-speed. Albeit, against my wishes.

More pump track. 
Some fun single-track.