Sunday, November 04, 2012


A great weekend of Cascade Cross racing just outside of Ferndale. Here're pics from Sunday's Men's Master C race. I'm whooped! Looking forward to the Thanks Given'r in two weeks!
Mike Hammer hammers the Lake District. (Get it? 'Cause his last name is 'Hammer' and all.) 
Stole this pic from Debbie Gervais (thanks, Debbie!) of Mike Hammer just before he hammers past me. (Get it? 'Cause his last name is ... ) The day before, I'd snapped the rear shifter off my 'cross bike and was forced to ride my mountain bike. Which actually worked out fine.  
Speaking of my rear shifter, just moments before today's race, a really nice dude (whose name I sadly forget) presented me with a gift: my shifter, which he found in the grass whilst pre-riding the course. Thanks, nice dude!
Craig Eubank about to enter the Pump Track for the first time and look, already there're two folks out of commission from the race that started 30 seconds before ours.

Steve Work, Jacob and Glenn Gervais. Glenn went on to win, I believe. Way to go, dude! 

Rotating Surfboard of Death.

Craig on his way to winning the hole shot.

Mike Hammer about to hammer across the Skinny. (Get it? Cause his last name ...)

The Lake District. 

The Sand Pit.

Is this thing working? 
After the race, Mike Hammer is hammered. (Get it?)


  1. Craig Eubank1:04 PM

    how cool you got your shifter photos ! I had a blast ! Looking forward to the next one.

  2. You got the hole shot, Craig!? Good job. You missed a lot of carnage behind you, maybe broken bones, maybe future customers. Great pics, Mike.