Saturday, November 17, 2012


Fun time Saturday at the Thanks Given'er, a new race and venue--Camp Lutherwood on Lake Samish--for Ryan Rickerts' Cascade Cross series. Way-technical and way-fun course with hills, singletrack, sketchy bridges, a creek crossing, a Flyover, a muddy-stair run up and more. I pinch-flatted on lap two or three of my race (Master C's), but luckily, enough air stayed  in my back tire than I was able to finish in 6th place. 

Below are some pics from the morning races--C's, B's and youth. (I apologize for the pics being sorta dark and gray but that's November for ya'.) 
Tom Fryer in the middle of the Master B race.
The creek crossing by Lake Samish.
Ryan Rickerts practicing on the Evil Stair Run Up. 
Things getting bunched up the first time up the hill.
The Flyover and me. (Thanks to Todd Elsworth for this photo!)
The slippery bridge I feared but that turned out to be fine. (Actually, it was the gap before the bridge  that I feared.)
Glenn Gervais starting to ride away from me. (He took 3rd. Also, he doesn't pronounce the  's' in Gervais, which I find interesting.)

A wise Youth racer doesn't want to get wet.
The downhill road bit. During the second half of my race, this section felt like I was riding on the rim.

Craig Eubank chases Steve Work under the Flyover.
Eric Stromerson and I share post-race bliss.

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