Saturday, November 27, 2010


Thanksgiving we had snow in Bellingham. Relentless snow that just kept falling and falling. This after days of crazy cold temps, crazy wicked wind and ice everywhere. But Thursday in the snow, I headed up to the Towers on Galbraith. My tire tracks the only ones in the snow. Up to four inches of snow in spots. Hidden ice underneath on some stretches. Took a few tumbles, one on my formerly broken collarbone side but I made myself small and rolled through it. Got up laughing.
The heavy wet snow made for sloooow going; felt like I was riding with my rear brake on the whole time. But I made it--first up the Wall (had to walk a coupe stretches, I admit), then up to the top. It was beautiful, and all the world was silent save for the wind blowing in the trees. And 24 hours later, the snow was gone.
The above is from today: John Clark, Steve Vanderstaay and I rode down to Chuckanut Mountain for some Two-Dollar trail action. Couple patches of ice but snow. Great riding.  

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