Saturday, November 03, 2012


Please enjoy some pics from the Men's Master C race on Day 1 of Cross Border Clash in Ferndale, WA. Tomorrow is Day 2! Same course, opposite direction.
(Just heard that Tyler Farrar showed up and raced in the afternoon ... and was out-sprinted by local mega-He-man Jeff Cummings!)
The flyover. 
The sandy pump track.

The evil sand. 
The rotating surfboard of death. 
The pump track redux.
The time I bit it on the sandy pump track. 
The Lake District.

Approaching the Lake District. 
Bryan Smith bites it on the sandy pump track. 
Before the start with Craig Eubank, Eric Strommerson, Charlie VanZandt, among others.  
Moments before the start. Notice presence of a rear shifter.

Midway through the race. Notice absence of rear shifter, which snapped off sometime during the second lap. Thus, I raced mostly single-speed. Albeit, against my wishes.

More pump track. 
Some fun single-track.

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  1. Nice pics Mike. Bummer on the shifter. I was out after 2 and a bit with a flat. Time to invest in a second set of cross wheels. Have fun tomorrow.