Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Above left, in the glasses, is Rick Hill, a truly inspirational story from this year's 50K. Last year, a month or so before the 50K, he suffered a stroke, a kind of blood clot in his brain that luckily, doctors were able to treat in time. Thus he whimped out of running last year's race. (Kidding, Rick.)

Here's the thing: this year he runs pretty much his best time ever! (I say pretty much because over the past few years, alterations have made the course a little longer than last time he ran it.) This year's time: 5:47. Way to go, Rick!

Also, please take note of John Schick at the far right, running backwards as he shakes hands with someone on the sideline.

Below, just a perty pic of a runner ascending the Fragrance Lake Trail.

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