Sunday, March 16, 2008


Wow! Lots going on this weekend. Watching my boyz in the Chuckanut 50K on Saturday. Last Wednesday, I predicted John would run 4:33 and Scott 4:46. John goes out and runs 4:30, 12th place, while Scott blazes a 4:35--a PR by over an hour! Incredible. Inspiring as hell!
Saturday, I jumped back and forth between the race and my real boy's chess tournament at Assumption School. See Baker (right) below with medal and trophy-winning friend Tristan. We're all going to state next month!
Sunday, I rode a 36-mile road race in Ravensdale with some Fanatik guys. Below are Tim Reinholtz (who raced Cat 5 with me), Dave Bishop, and Chad Clarke who both raced 4s. Fun, intense and we all finished safely. Later that morning, Fanatik's Jeff McConaughy won the Masters race. Way to go!
Here's Chuckanut winner Bryan Dayton.
More pics and video to come throughout the week!

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