Saturday, March 22, 2008


Got out on the first ride of the year with Johnny (4:30) Clark and Scott (4:35) Young. Sixty miles down to Samish Island and back. Hooked up with Mark Rhode for about 25 miles of it. Kinda funny that a road cyclist should have the last name of Rhode (pronounced "roadie"); sim. to the hard-core B'ham swimmer named Bob Fish. I digress. During one stretch down in the Skagit Flats, I rode alongside everybody thinking I was snapping off a bunch of photos. But my camera was in video mode so I was really shooting a bunch of really short videos. (See above.)

Luckily, I did get some shots. Scott, with his manly pink T-Mobile hat which matched his manly pink T-Mobile shirt. (He revealed that later.) Scott proved to be very annoying because he was exceedingly strong, damn him. All in all, a super great ride.

Rhode, Scott (you can kinda see his pink shirt) and John:

Here's John, his expression saying: "Oh great, Mike's got his camera out again; I love when he breaks out his camera."

Meanwhile, while we were out riding, the amazing Fabian Cancellara was at it again winning Milan-San Remo. Launched a solo attack with about 3K to go in the roughly 180-mile race. (Like the way I mixed kilometers and miles? So European of me.) He da' man. Total ride time was more than seven hours.
At home, we're in the throes of a bathroom remodel. He's an in-progress shot of the bathroom sans tub, toilet, and before the new floor goes in.

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