Tuesday, February 05, 2008


On Saturday Bake took 10th at a chess tournament in Ferndale. (The same day, it turns out, that I forgot my sister's birthday. That's all right, I'm pretty sure she's got another one next year.) Forgot the camera though so no pics of him in deep concentration trying to outwit his opponent. Once again, he took three out of five games, qualifying him for the state tournament in April. (Which he'd already qualified for.)

Sunday was a fun as heck 50-mile ride with the Fanatik team. Out Red River Road where we practiced sprints and attacks and the like, and where the trees were filled with eagles. We must've seen 60 in all.

We also came very close to being purposely sideswiped by a white Mount Baker Cable van, the driver of which we later came upon waiting in line at the Lummi ferry terminal. When members of our group expressed their displeasure at his driving so close, he made it abundantly clear that he was no cycling fan and that we had no business riding on the road. Then we all laughed, shared a hug, and went to his house to watch the Super Bowl. (That last sentence isn't true.)

The above image I found on Tom Boonen's website: (http://www.tomboonen.com/) in the Webshop section. The listed price is 0.00 Euro, which seems about right.

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