Saturday, February 09, 2008


Above, Bake McQ, in way-cool headband, skies for a rebound in Saturday morning's Under-9 basketball game. Quick as a cat, he then puts it back up for two points at an especially tense juncture in the last game of the season. The soundtrack, which consists mostly of "Rebound! Rebound! Shoot it!" and "Yeah!" is provided by his parents, free of charge.

Below, the boy Bake (at far left) keeps the beat playing a bongo drum in a terrific performance last Thursday night at his school, Cedar Tree Montessori (two s's, one r, right?). It was a full night as he also tread the boards playing a windmill in a dramatic treatment of "Don Quixote". Later, Baker played the Man of La Mancha himself in a tableaux!

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