Sunday, March 09, 2008


We hit the Seattle Bike Expo on Saturday. That is, John Clark, Scott Young, Jen (me wife) and Baker (me son). Above, please enjoy a photo of Chris Carmichael and myself. Chris, who coached Lance Armstrong to seven Tour de France victories, was a featured speaker. Real nice guy, who spent a few minutes before his presentation talking to Scott, John and I, who were all kinda schoolboy giddy with tongue-tied goofiness. His presentation included footage of Lance in the TdF including a behind-the-scenes story about how fortunate Lance's foray into cyclocross turned out to be during the '03 stage when Joseba Beloki crashed right in front of him and Lance had to cut across the cornfield and over a ditch.
We coveted a lot of bikes we did. Here John and Scott drool over a Cervelo P3 time trial bike not unlike that used by Fabian Cancellara. World Champion rainbow stripes and all. Probably $7,000 with the Zipp wheels.
Below, John does something I would never do a week before an important race. Have his body fat tested on one of those notoriously innaccurate body composition bathroom scales. John's got less body fat on him than an Olsen twin yet this thing tells him he's like 16 percent body fat. This right after some guy, who looked no trimmer than John, butted in front of him and registered something like 5 percent body fat.
Below, Scott tries on a pink shirt. Behind him, an alarmed onlooker phones a loved one and asks for help.
John and Scott are running the Chuckanut 50K ( next Saturday and I wish them all the luck in the world. It's sure to be an epic battle with neither one of them coming right out and actually saying it, but you know each wants to pound the other. As it should be.

Good luck to both of them!
After that, we ride.

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