Saturday, March 29, 2008


Been planning for months to do the North Shore Circuit Race this morning, but woke to rain and cold weather in B'ham. No biggie. Drove out to the course where it was snowing and sticking and getting worse. It's a big collegiate race, fundraiser for Western Washington University's cycling team, but they had to cancel the time trial--four inches of snow out at Mosquito Lake Road.

I went back and forth--should I stay or should I go? Stewart thought they'd cancel. Heard a course marshall say they'd delay. Road seemed treacherous to me, especially the long descent on Y Road. So I bagged it. I wouldn't feel comfortable riding it much less racing it. Kinda disappointing but I quickly got on the phone and arranged a ride with John and Scott tomorrow.
UPDATE: All races were cancelled. Truly a bummer for WWU cycling team.

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