Monday, November 26, 2012


No race this weekend and as the above pic attests, I had no idea what to do with myself. Actually, that's not true. I knew I had to run (literally) because I'm signed up for the Deception Pass 25K on December 8. So that gives me two weeks to get some run training in. (That should be enough time, right?) Fingers crossed that all the CX riding and racing I've been doing has some carryover. If not, that's fine. It'll be great fun to hang out with the Titanium Cowboys (both of whom are real runners) and as I found out last year when I did the race, the DP 25 is a really cool event. (Except that it's hard. And really far. And you're not allowed to use your bike.)

Speaking of the Ti Cowboys (Scott Young and John Clark), we got out on a 2-1/2-hour run in the Chuckanuts yesterday. Great fun, cool to check out the new section of the Two-Dollar Trail and to meet a young feller named Tai (or Ty?) who joined us. Only bummer was my Garmin 500 which, for whatever reason, seems to lose satellite signals whenever I trail run in the woods. Is it because I'm going so much slower when I run than ride? (It never loses the signal during mountain bike rides up there.) Am I such a slow runner that the damn thing just loses interest? (Glenn G., if you read this, I'd appreciate your two cents.)   

Lastly, I wanna give a shoutout of thanks to all the terrific folks at the Tacoma Wheelmen's Bicycle Club (below) who came out for last week's slideshow. Had a great time!.

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