Saturday, December 10, 2011


Wore my helmet cam (mounted on a chest harness) during today's first-ever Deception Pass 25K, another cool event put on by James Varner and Rainshadow Running. While the majority of phots came out blurry as heck, here's a sampling of the 40 or so that didn't and that hopefully give you and idea of what a terrific, unique course this is. I'm pretty beat so I'll write more words tomorrow.

(OK, now it's tomorrow ...) Above, first time across the Deception Pass Bridge. Kinda freaky, kinda scary, but way, way beautiful! (Kinda innerestingly cooincidentally appropriate: "Under the Bridge" by R.H. Chili Peppers came up on the iPod as we ran the North Beach Trail just under the bridge. "Starlight" by Muse played as we crossed it; perfect in its own way.)

One of the cool, waterside jaunts on the many little loops. Not sure if this was loop 2 or 3. (Or 4?)
Here was that weird, squishy seaweedy (and to be truthful, stinky) section.

The start, about a mile on pavement out along Cranberry Lake.
The bounteous aid station.

Refilling the bottle with booze, cocaine, methamphetamine--whatever it took to get me through my first 3-plus hour run in almost 5 years. 
Running one the cool bluffs on Loop 4, I think. That would make this Rosario Head. That's not a bear lying in wait, but a photographer.

The return run across the bridge. By this point, I was too tired to be freaked out about dangling 180 feet above the water.
The cruel climb up Goose Rock. By this point my goose was more than cooked. (Rimshot.)

One of many slippery bridges.
Up and over the top of Goose Rock. (Finally.)
On the north side (Fidalgo Island side) looking back after crossing the bridge for the first time.

With cars on one side, and that freaky-stunning view on the other, it was a tight fit crossing the bridge.

The excellent Christy Fazio before the race; she finished first Masters woman and took home a cool mug.

Scott Young (Titanium Cancellara) added to his legend. Despite doing an extra loop, adding about 2 miles, he took 2nd Masters and 9th overall!
Here's where I got off-course on the Pass Lake loop and ended up in this person's front yard. D'oh!

A great race. Results come out later today, I believe.

Side note: After the race, I talked to the climbing-ultrarunning legend that is Doug McKeever and he told me that Krissy Moehl plans to open up the 2012 Chuckanut 50K to 1,000 runners. Wowzer!


  1. Great pics. I ran behind you across the bridge the first time. Couldn't figure out what you had stuck to the front of your chest :) Great pics.

  2. Molly Hayes1:41 PM

    Thanks for capturing the day Mike! Great to revisit them all a day later. Love the shot of Christy...she looks like she is if she needed to, this running Goddess rocked it!

  3. Cool. Glad you like the pics!