Monday, December 26, 2011


Here's January through June 2011. (Might be more than one photo per month.) Enjoy!

January. The Ridge Trail on Galby with Titanium Cancellara and John Clark in the background. So much snow. Heavy wet snow. Every week, it seemed, through about March.

February. T-Cancellara gots himself a single-speed 29er. The frequency of our visits to the pain cave increased significantly.

March. Sights like these started becoming more and more common up at Galby. This is just off Cedar Dust.

April showers during the Saturday morning Donut Ride.
May. Stottlemeyer 30-mile Mountain Bike race on Whidbey Island. Scott won the single-speed, John took 3rd Masters. (I was 4th single-speed finisher and ended up in the bushes when I overshot the finish.)
May (part 2). Couple of clowns we saw on the ferry ride over to Whidbey.

June. David Longdon climbing killer McNeil Canyon on the amazingly beautiful Chelan Century Ride. I'm going back in 2012 fer sure!

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