Friday, December 09, 2011


Looking forward to tomorrow's Deception Pass 25K, my first run longer than 10 miles in almost 5 years. Not sure what to expect, really. My approach will be that it's really just a long run-walk(ish) training for next month's (izzit really only next month?) Orcas Island 25K. Regardless (or irregardless--is that even a word?),  it'll be beautiful (hopefully we can see the lunar eclipse on the way down there) and not a little freaky crossing the quarter-mile long Deception Pass Bridge ... twice. As you can see from the above photo, the guardrail is not high and race rules state that we're not allowed to run in the road.
It's kinda narrow too, innit? I'll be fine; I'll just keep my eyes straight ahead and as with mountain biking and snowboarding, look where I want to go, not where I don't want to go. (Over the side.)


  1. Have a great run. Crossing that bridge at speed would be tough for me.