Sunday, August 24, 2008


The sassy John Clark and I rode once again to Artist Point for probably the last time before the Mount Baker Hill Climb which takes place Sept. 7. Came across lots of folks on bikes climbing and descending. Met up with Randy Olsen who was riding with (but on his own bike) the above tandem, powered by a very nice couple whose names unfortunately, escapes me.

Muriel Handschy and a friend were also up there. She's doing Ride 542 which should be a piece of cake for her. Click here to read about her family's epic six-week European bike vacation through Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. (Our sons are classmates and pals.)Bake and I are likely off to Winthrop tomorrow for a couple days of mountain biking and sleeping on the hard ground. That's right; we're camping, baby!

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