Sunday, September 16, 2007


So 8, it would seem, is the age when kids are able to do crazy-fun things like ride the epic winding, climbing, upsy-downsy trails of a place like Galbraith Mountain. (Above, left to right, are Baker McQuaide, Jacob Gervais and Marshall Mills.) We, including dads Glenn Gervais and Kevin Mills, went out riding for 3-1/2 hours today, which is about as long as I'd go out with me adult friends. Aided by the great new Whimps map, we rode the Tower Road to the blue rock, headed north to Kung Fu Theater, followed Fire Circle to some connector then the Intestine (both upper and lower).
From there it was Family Fun Center, Cedar Dust, Rock and Roll, and finally, Bunny Trails.
Below is Baker ripping it up on Cedar Dust.
Whilst we were out I had to get some work done. I needed photos for a story about hiking with a GPS so here are Kevin and Glenn pretending to use a map and some techno-geek gadget to figure out where the heck they are. In real life, I doubt they'd be laughing so heartily at their map unless they were drunk or sumfin.

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