Friday, October 12, 2007


Yesterday, rode the cyclocross rig to the top of the Towers on Galbraith. It was great—an hour from my house and I’m at the top. The downhill wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be—the screaming fast bumpy downhills on washboard roads can be annoying—probably b/c it wasn’t raining. It’s a $499 bike but so far only the brakes attest to that. The pads seem like they’re made of a soap-and-butter blend. Slippery.

In the past 10 days since I took delivery on the Motobecane Fantom CX, I’ve ridden Col d’Cleator Road, Col d’Expert Course at L’Alpe du Padden, and now Col d’ Towers. Gotta try some stuff on Blanchard. Sure as heck wish one of my running-slash-road biking buds would get one of these things b/c it’d be fun to have someone to ride with. (Wait a minute, Glenn has one. Must contact him.)

So far, the experience has been exactly what I'd hoped for. I can ride pretty much anything within reason (dirt and gravel trails, logging roads, etc.) save for root- and rock-riddled singletrack. (I’ll save that for my mountain bike.) I descended the Ridge and Miranda trails a couple days ago and that was less than what I would call fun. I love to climb so it gets you to all those high places much faster than I would by running or mountain biking and I just like the feel of a road bike configuration. (Should I have said geometry? Must ask the judges on that.) And on something like Cleator and the Interurban and Galbraith, etc., there’re no or very few cars to worry about. I guess the biggest concern right now is how will this bike hold up? I’m not just using it as a commuter; it’s a logging road rider.

We'd been in the midst of about two weeks of solid rain so last week Baker and I headed to Lynden where, along with boasting a whole lot of churches, a couple times a week they open the Fairgrounds pig barn to indoor skateboarding. A dollar to skate and all the donuts you could eat. Fun time. Smelled like pigs.

Oh yes, and as several "friends" pointed out to me, this past week the Yankees again got pushed out of the playoffs. For what, the 7th time in a row! Their heyday is long in the past. Get rid of Torre. Let A-Rod go. Let Mariano go. Tell Clemens that they’ve moved but don’t give him the new address. Cut Mussina, Giambi, etc. and et. al. Start brand new just like in the early 90s.

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