Monday, March 19, 2007

It's Been A While ...

Haven't posted in like a month. Sorry. (To both of you.)

Chuckanut 50K was Saturday. In pouring rain all day. After it'd rained for much of the week leading up to it. I know it seems redundant to complain about the rain out here in Northwest Washington, but this was extreme. At about mile 20, our friend John Schick's feet got stuck in the mud as he was running downhill. He lost his balance and somehow ended up in a bush of stinging nettles. Dang, I wish I'd seen that.

Though I've still not finished within an hour of John Clark (I was an hour and 44 seconds back, the closest yet), I did get to finish with Baker, which is always a thrill. (See above.)

Speaking of Bake, he's been busy: his first chess tournament three weeks ago. A win, a draw, three losses but a great deal of fun. Two weeks ago it was the Seattle Bike Expo where he got to take a little bike tutorial with trials rider Ryan Leech. (Also at the expo, Mr. Clark and I heard former U.S. Postal rider Frankie Andreau speak; we also bought pink T-Mobile bike caps.)

Finally, a picture of a woolly tree. A product of all that northwest rain.

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  1. Scott Lommers9:07 PM

    I just figured you died on a Chuckanut training run.

    Welcome back.

    Ultrarunners...(walks away, shaking head)...