Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Racing Begins

Heading to Walla Walla tomowwo. Weawy, I am. The Tour of Walla Walla stage bike race (, my first one. Should be a gas, gas, gas. Time Trial (TT for those fancy pants types scoring at home) and Road Race on Saturday; criterium or crit or circuit race or please-don't-let-me-crash race on Sunday.

TT is 7 miles, road race is 38 with a 2-mile climb to the finish (like a mountain stage finish in the TdF--cool, or what?), crit is downtown Walla Walla, a place I've never been. Walla Walla is wine country from what I understand, but since I don't drink, it's all lost on me. A pity.

Above is a pic from Orcas Island where Baker and I camped last weekend. There'll be a story about our trip in next Thursday's Seattle Times ( Here he's looking for Sawm (short for "Saw him"), a river otter who'd been popping his head up through the waters of Cascade Lake.

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