Sunday, January 27, 2008


Compliments of Rick Hill, here are a couple people who aren't me--the lime green Scott Young and Camelback sucker John Clark--doing something that I've done absolutely none of lately: running. (Of course in this photo they're momentarily stopped but you get the idea ...) They're training for the Chuckanut 50K--something else I'm not doing--and as has been typical this winter, doing it whilst the snow doth fly. I toyed with running the 50K, signed up for it and even went on a trio of 3-hour-plus runs (each of which was snow-blown) but decided against it. Especially since ... I've been getting some long rides in on my two-wheeler!!!

Yesterday was three hours: the Donut ride in below freezing temps! But with no wind, it was really quite pleasant. Saw eagles, herons by the score and even a coyote sneaking through the tall grass along Ferndale Road. The sun coming up 'twixt Mount Baker and the Twin Sisters was stunning. We started out with about 12 riders which dwindled to six after the Ferndale hill, down to three by Birch Bay--a yungin named Forrest, Brett Bauer, and myself.

Rode the Fantom CX and learned a valuable lesson--with the tires pumped up to 100 psi, I feel every single chip of them there county chip-seal roads. My upper back and neck ached like crazy all last night and today. I'll try less air next time.

After the ride, I stumbled upon the Fanatik Bike Team website/blog. Some good stuff there, especially a piece by Bryeroni (Bryce Fegley) on winter training. Check it out:

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  1. 100 PSI? Wow. I'm usually using 35 front and 40 back.
    IMHO, even for pavement 60 is overkill, if you are riding 32-35 mm.

    I read your article in ST on CX. Bought the Paris-Roubaix book. But, for CX I think Simon Burney's "Cyclocross: Training & Technique" is the best. Read it cover to cover few times this season.

    BTW, have you seen, you are 10 spots above me in WSBA BARR for the last year: