Sunday, May 18, 2008


Rode from the D.O.T. shed up to the upper Mount Baker ski lodge today with the venerable Scott Young and sassy John Clark, also known as "America's Sweetheart." Did it twice and Mr. Young, as is his wont, put the hammer down on the second run and it was all we could do to hang onto Mr. High-Cadence himself during the 8-mile, 2,200 foot climb.
It was a hot weekend (for Bellingham in May), a temperature record-breaker and glacial melt was turning rivers such as the Nooksack into veritable ragers. (As the above photo doesn't show at all.) Melting snow and rocks were breaking off on some of the steeper roadsides as the day wore on and Johnny boy almost got clocked by one falling rock.

Below, me (left) John and Scott pose in front of Mount Shuksan, the state's second (or third?) highest non-volcanic peak.
Below, please take note of our Team Unattacked mascot, a creepy green-haired pierrot clown-like thing that gives us inspiration when things get tough.
That was Sunday. Saturday was Jr. Ski to Sea. Check out the boy Baker sprinting away at the start of the obstacle course.

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