Sunday, July 13, 2008


Above, Bake and I sumo wrestling. (No explanation needed.)
On Saturday, I made it to Artist Point for the first time this year. The road is clear, not yet for cars, but good enough for me and the dozens of walkers I saw taking advantage of the stunning weather we've been having lately. (I assume the road will be clear for cars by next weekend, about a week earlier than last year. Kinda surprising given this rainy, damp spring and Juneuary we whined about just weeks ago.)

Below see bulldozer poised to doze some of Artist Point's 10-foot snowpiles. It was important to get in some big mountain climbing; RAMROD--Ride Around Mount Rainier in One Day--beckons in little more than two weeks.Our lovely sis Kath was here for a visit and of course we took her up the Mount Baker Highway. (Not on a bike, mind you; this photo is about five days previous.) It was a wonderful visit; as usual, way too short, but long enough for her to get hooked on the Tour de France and "Deadliest Catch," and also to look at a few neighborhoods if she decides to relocate out here.
The boy Baker--he of skateboarding fame--and I have been riding lots to Galbraith and the back trails at Padden.
Here he descends Padden ...
... and here he finishes off climbing the Wall at Galbraith which, if you can climb that, you can pretty much climb anything there. Good job, boyo!

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