Sunday, November 02, 2008


Friday, the boy Baker and friend Kyler took a gamble and went trick-and/or-treating as a pair of dice. We all had a great time. B'ham gets into Halloween, that's for sure, and the weather surprised all by being quite swell. (Forecast was for rain and wind, but 'twas a starry night.) That's Carrie (Kyler's ma), Jen, and Ed (Kyler's da) yucking it up over the boys in the boxes. (That's an Alice in Chains song, innit?)
Saturday was an epic mountain ride on Galbraith with John Clark and the venerable Steve Vanderstaay, he of the two a's in the row thing. To the Towers, Woopsie Woodle, through Padden and home. Three hours, lotta miles, lotta climbing. Above, the view of the Lake Samish basin from Woopsie Woodle. Below, Steve appears dismayed when John's narcolepsy kicks in.

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