Sunday, December 14, 2008


We're at the start of what's supposed to be the longest cold stretch of weather (or coldest long stretch, or stretchiest long cold or something) that we've had in these parts in almost 20 years. Since 1990. Woke to 20 degrees, three inches of snow and wind chill of minus three. So we went ridin', 'of course. John (Boy) Clark, Glenn (not Rickey) Gervais, and me, Mike (not Rowe) McQuaide.
Probably six inches up on Galbraith which, when it got gummed up in your pedals and cleats (see below) made riding just about impossible. Still, it was beautiful and quite a nice morning to take the bikes out for a walk. I had about three inches of hard-packed snow on the bottoms of my feet; I looked like I was wearing Herman Munster shoes.
Cedar Dust was in great shape and I was even able to clip into my pedals. Rock 'n' Roll though, was pretty nuts but we were breaking trail in the fresh pow, as the snowboarders like to say.

Then across and down to Padden, then Fairhaven, into a brutal headwind on Taylor Dock and home. About three hours in all. Great fun. Forecast says this is supposed to stick around 'til at least Sunday the 21st, so we may be doing this again.


  1. Great ride Mike! Excellent Pics

  2. You guys are nuts!