Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Also threw in some Lake Padden trails for fun. Above, Scott Young and John Clark attack the steep hill on the expert loop.

John (above) was taking his maiden ride up his Niner Air 9. He even let go of the above railing a couple times. Below, note evidence of the spill I took on the Railroad Trail near Alabama Hill. Good thing I was wearing gloves. I looked down at my computer and my handlebar clipped a tree. Got a few scrapes but nuffin' serious. All told, we rode 40 miles with 4,600 feet elevation gain, in a little over 4 hours.

John and I are both training for an 8-hour mountain bike race down in Northern California at the end of March. We're soloing it, not riding it as a team. I've been working with Daryl Smith of Advantage Multisport who's got me doing back-to-back longish rides on weekends (generally four, four-and-a-half hours one day with signif. elevation gain, two to three hours the following day) and a tough interval workout during the week. That's usually hill repeats up Sehome Arboretum Road.

Friday, Jen, Bake and I leave for SoCal where we hope to catch the final three days of the Tour of California. Bummer that Fabian Cancellara won't be there but I think there'll be one or two other well-known cyclists we may recognize. Go Levi!

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