Friday, May 08, 2009


Tomorrow, two members of Team Unattacked are heading to the bustling metropolis that us Maple Falls for the Silver Lake Time Trials. ( Scott "Cowboy" Young will ride the 22-miler on his road bike affixed with my aero bars. (Thus, when he sets a blazing time, I can take partial credit.) I'll ride the 7-miler on me Felt 29er mountain bike and follow that with the 22-miler on me Tarmac Pro sans aero bars. (Because I don't want to scratch its pretty carbon handlebars.) Weather looks good and the event has a reputation of being rather low-key, so I'm looking forward to a fun morning. (John "Mellow Johnny" Clark, the third member of Team Unattacked, is doing the Haggen to Haggen 5K tomorrow.)
In other news, the Giro d'Italia starts tomorrow. Here's my podium prediction: Levi, Menchov, Basso.

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  1. Basso? Really? Hmm.

    Go, Team Unattackeded!