Sunday, June 14, 2009


Team Unattacked (John Clark, Scott Young, Steve Vanderstaay, me) rode up the Power Line Road today. Crazy steep. Climbs 2,300 feet in not much more than 3, 3-1/2 miles. That's not a 22-percent grade but it sure felt like it. Here's a vid with "Detlef Schremp" by Band of Horses. Kudos to Scott AKA Titanium Cowboy (TC) for riding it on a 'cross bike; that descent couldn't have been fun.

In all, we rode about 32 miles. About an hour to get out there, the killer climb, then a rollicking, fast ride back to town with a sprint to the city limits sign. (I believe Mellow Johnny took it.) Total elevation gain: 3,500 feet. Fun, fun morning.


  1. Ok... that just doesn't even look safe.

    When you guys choose these routes, please try to keep our ridiculous mortgage payment and my teeny-tiny paycheck in mind.

    It's important that the cowboy makes it home with all of his parts intact, fully functioning, and ready for work on Monday mornings.
    ; )

    Great song.
    Awesome video.

  2. Thanks. Already changed the song though.

  3. And when you say it doesn't look safe, do you mean us sitting around having coffee? If you're concerned that the Cowboy will burn his mouth or something we can make sure he only orders iced drinks. Whatever you'd like us to do.