Tuesday, August 04, 2009


What a difference a year makes. Last summer, it seemed I pedaled the long and winding road to Artist Point just about every weekend. Here it is August and I just now made to the top for the first time in 2009. (Above, the Titanium Cowboy climbs the last stretch on what was his first Baker ascent ever.) I blame the 29er. And the Indie Series (www.indieseries.com), the last race of which is this Saturday in Greenwater, on the east side of Mount Rainier. I'll be there.

But back to the above. Last Sunday, Mellow Johnny Clark, Scott (T.C.) Young did the Glacier to Baker and back ride on another one of these spectacular summer days that we've been basking in since what seems like May. Those last 10 miles are a long, hard slog that never gets any easier no matter how many times I've ridden it. Still undecided about whether or not I'll do Ride 542 next month.

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  1. Hey McQuaide-

    I think you're getting younger everytime I see you (The Curious Case of Mike McQuaide?)

    I love the pictures and am excited to check the site for "insider's" guidance to the best place in the world.

    You might be comforted, or disturbed, to know that I'm now a fifth grade teacher in southern Texas... oh, and I picked up skiing at Gonzaga(I teach math as evident by the absence of continuity above)

    Anyway, great to see you're a fellow roadie and I want to pick up a McQ book but I'm waiting for the $3.58 stock price at Amazon to find my 99 cent Henderson's budget. Until journalist get some respect, I'll just keep looking really trendy while I read that Northwest Adventure mag.

    Drop me an esnail (yes, a little bird keeps telling me that email is a thing of the past, tweet, tweet) when you're looking for the extreme and we'll go kiting at South Padre.

    I hope you check out your blog comments more than I check out my breath before a big date (yes, sadly I'm still single, but I'm just not ready to purchase a tandem) Say hi to Baker for me, both of them

    Buenos Suerte,

    Mr. Wesley Norstadt