Friday, October 09, 2009


This past Wednesday, Team Unattacked strongman Scott "Titanium Cowboy" Young underwent surgery on his broken scaphoid on his left hand. As you can see from the photo above, in which his hand bones resemble Chicken McNuggets, they put a screw in that big McNugget on the left. Always thinkin', Scott texted me that he made sure it has an Allen head so that he can use his bike tool to tighten it on rides if he has to. Get well soon, Scott!

Meanwhile, Mellow Johnny Boy Clark and I scouted out a locale for a future training camp. Yesterday, we went mountain biking on Orcas Island which, come Sept. 15, opens up about 20 more miles to the fat tire crowd. The trails are really nice--mostly wide and smooth with long, long descents (and climbs) and, on sunny days, probaby the most spectacular views around.

Above, John rides the Little Summit Trail, just below the top of Mount Constitution. That's Lummi Island, Bellingham (and Bellingham Bay) and Mount Baker in the distance. The weather and views were terrific and it felt like we had not only Moran State Park, but the whole island to ourselves. (Perhaps one of the few advantages of a tanking economy.) While John was shirking his responsibilities I was actually working, as this ride will be part of an upcoming story I'm writing for The Seattle Times. 

Riding Orcas Island reminded me of what a great place it is to run too. I'm considering running the Orcas Island 25K in February. (There's a 50K too for the John Clarks and Scott Youngs of the world.) Below, John and I strike a pose behind his Niner Air9. (I had my own bike, really I did.)

Sunday is the Duathlon in which I'm planning to ride (and push where necessary) my 29er single-speed. May wear my helmet too.


  1. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Ok... so I love having the cowboy home with me all the time. REALLY I do. But it is getting a wee bit depressing to watch him limp around here day after day dragging a wing... all sad eyed... in spandex bike shorts that smell fresh like Downy dryer sheets.

    Perhaps next time you and John head out on a road ride you could invite him to drive behind your bikes with the water bottles? I'm sure he would enjoy yelling encouraging sorts of words out the window to you during the steep uphill climbs.

    Personally I can't imagine anything more motivating than Scott, with his ridiculously huge thighs, yelling at me as I climb hills (I also can't imagine anything more detrimental to his remaining intact body parts).
    ; )

    Seriously... thanks for helping to keep the injured cowboy smiling. Those of us that live with him appreciate it loads.

  2. Well we certainly miss having him out there, that's sure!