Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Sunday--which was actually Monday b/c of the three-day weekend; in other words, yesterday--Mellow Johnny and I got out for three hours on the sleek elegant road bikes. First time since ... wow, can't even remember the last time. Super duper fun. Out to Birch Bay and back.

Funny thing on a flat road ride like that--you've got to pedal the whole time! (I'd forgotten about that.) Not like on mountain bikes where we climb, climb, climb, then climb some more but are rewarded with swerving curving descents where we turn the pedals only if we want to but we don't necessarily have to. (That's simplifying things but you get the idea.)

Had what felt like a stiff easterly headwind on the way back (in reality, it was probably 3 m.p.h.) but again, that's something we're not used to on the mountain bikes. As long as the wind isn't so bad that it's pushing trees over on top of us, when we're mountain biking, wind isn't that much of an issue. So we took turns drafting on the way back in and had a killer time-trial (ish) workout. (Photo above, by the way, is the morning fog over Bellingham Bay with Chuckanut Mountain in the background.)

Saturday--which really was Saturday--we MTB'd the Lost Lake Loop with Professor Steve and the Titanium Cowboy. Lotsa mud, lotsa fun, lotsa pain for me trying to outsprint the Cowboy on some of the climbs, all of it culminating with us scoring the outside fireplace table at the Boulevard Park Woods Cafe! It was a good day.
Watching lots of Olympics with the family--our favorite story so far: Alexandre Bilodeau!

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