Saturday, April 09, 2011


Yes, I know the above shot is of last year's winner Fabian Cancellara haulin' arse through Roubaix just before entering the velodrome, but for whatever reason I think it's going to be Thor Hushovd's year. (Or maybe Flecha finally gets one?) Above pic is from last year's race; below shot is a video capture my son took at pretty much the exact same moment:

He got the better shot.

Rode the Donut Ride today for the first time in about a year-and-a-half. (Titanium Clark and Titanium Cancellara rode it too.) Man it was fast, especially the tailwind-aided ride out to Birch Bay which we made in an hour and three minutes. (It's 21.5 miles.) The Donut starts early, 7 a.m., and so by 9:45 you're back in town and you've already got 45 miles in. Nice.
I took the above pics at the end of Walnut Street where the peloton passes coming from downtown. I thought I'd have no trouble latching onto the back after taking my last shot. But with the tailwind (or my dubious time-trialing skills), it took me 10 minutes of pedaling about all-out to finally get on a wheel. I'm not sure I ever recovered the entire ride. Still a lot of fun though. Below is the Birch Bay stop.

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