Thursday, April 21, 2011


Headed over to Eastern Washington this week for some more book route scouting, photo-ing and even some riding. Into your Leavenworths, Wenatchees, Watervilles, Chelans, Malagas, Ellensburg, Yakimas, Naches—stop me, please. (Above is P Road NW on the Waterville Plateau, above the Columbia River.)
Below are rock walls of the amazing Yakima Canyon between Ellensburg and Yakima.
Something else I'd not seen before--or at least not for a while--blue sky, as seen in the photo below at the top of Joe Miller Road, a seriously crazy-steep hill just south of Wenatchee. My Garmin sed it was 14-percent in stretches, which is even steeper than Bow Hill. They race the Wenatchee Omnium on it, which is crazy.
Below, a cool view of Wenatchee from Badger Mountain, the 4,000-foot wall that rises high above the east bank of the Columbia River.  
Don't want to get my hopes up too much but today's Herald story seems to imply that there's some positive movement in the Galbraith-B'ham-County-WHIMPs issue. If nothing else, it looks like runners, hikers, bikers, sightseers etc. will still be allowed up there after the original agreement with the WHIMPs ends on Monday. And unless I’m wrong it looks like they’ve got another agreement worked out. Yay! (Read the latest from club president, Mark Peterson here.)

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