Sunday, November 06, 2011


Friday: bought a ‘cross bike, the lovely ‘n’ sexy Giant TCX 1. (See below.)

Saturday: rode my first ‘cross in three-plus years, Ryan Rickerts’ Cross Border Clash in the DeltaTech industrial park, just north of Ferndale. (See top pic.) Super fun time. Course featured a rotating surfboard of death, sand pit, pump track and more. Dead flat, thus lousy, stinky, terrible time trialists (such as me) were not among the swiftest on the course. I had to laugh, before the race, Charlie Heggem gave me a hard time for racing with the C’s. After my stellar 7th place finish (out of 17 racers), I don’t think he’ll be bugging me again. (Just found out that Glenn Gervais won it! Way to go, Glenn!)

Below is a short vid of the first lap:

Sunday: ran my first running race in almost 5 years, the 6-mile Padden Mudfest. Lots fun. Lots runners too, which was nice. Quite comforting to be able to turn around from time to time and see that I’m not last.

Sorta scary moment, coming down the last steep rooty, rocky hill, I came across an annoyed, limping and bleeding Dean Taylor. Apparently, he’d just tripped over a log, opening up a deep gaping laceration on his knee. (His shoulder and hand were pretty banged up as well.) Ever the resourceful one, he pulled the flap of skin back up over his kneecap, and with his shoelace, tied his headband around his knee to stop the bleeding.

I decided to stay with him for a bit and eventually we were able to walk the last mile back in together. (I’ve certainly appreciated the times when I’ve had misfortunes on the trail and folks have stayed with me; so I was more than eager to help someone else out for a change.)
I found out later he fractured his patella and needed 18 stitches. Yikes.

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  1. Nice new 'cross bike - sweet. Cyclocross is coolest thing ever. I raced twice this season - if you can call it that. I barely qualify as a the CAT4 45+ slow guy.

    My 12 year old racer son however, has hit almost all of the MFG and Seattle 'cross series races. A few more to go. Awesome stuff for kids and adults alike.

    Cool video of your race - little bit of everything on that course.

    Running - ouch - slow motion pain - compared to bikes...