Sunday, January 01, 2012


This is one of those years when the snowy owls descend upon the Northwest in higher than normal numbers so the fam and I headed up to Sandy Point in the hopes of spotting a couple. Here they are: Hedwig 1 (above) and Hedwig 2 (below), both of which were perched atop folks' roofs across the street from each other right there on Main Street, Sandy Point. (Sucia Drive.)

They're incredibly beautiful birds that exude sort of mythical, otherworldy presence. About 15 years ago, Jen and I spotted 6 down at the West 90 Turn in the Skagit Flats and 22 (22!) up at Boundary Bay.

Above, Jen and Bake check out Hedwig 2 whilst Hedwig 1 hangs out across the street. 

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