Sunday, April 15, 2012


Terrific road ride yesterday with the Titanium Cowboys up into the northern hinterlands of Whatcom County to take in South Pass Road (up) and Reese Hill (very up). Then back to town wherein we finished up with Squalicum Mountain, the whole thing: roughly 1,000 feet of climbing in 3 miles. The Chelan Century's McNeil Canyon is 2,200 feet of climbing in 5 miles so this sort of gives us some training.

Above, John sits on the shoulder of South Pass Road, rassling with his pedals which for some reason chose this particular ride to get all pissy and moany not want to let him clip in. Eventually, after much sturm and drang he got his shoes clipped in, but of course couldn't take them out for the rest of the ride so the few times we stopped, Scott and I propped him him to keep him from falling over. (Cool jersey in the above pic, huh? That's my upcoming book cover.)

Here's our ride details:

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