Saturday, October 20, 2012


Here are a mix of helmet cam and point-and-shoot photos from the Master Cs (my race) and various Bs and Women's As (I believe). Super fun day on a really cool course at the Northern State Recreation Area just east of Sedro Woolley. It's the site of the old Northern State Mental Hospital and thus a fitting venue for a 'cross race. Great job and thanks to Ryan Rickerts, Cascade Cross, Marshall Will, Jim Finch and Skagit Bicycle Club for another amazing event! 
Dude Bs.
Gals at the barriers.
Cs, that arrow, that tree and that short steep pitch right after. 
Muddy up.
Wide straightaway. Lots of room for passing. (And getting passed.)
Lumpy grass.
The runup. (More like a brisk walkup.)
Mike Hammer, Grandmaster Glenn Gervais, RD Marshall Will and others before the C races.
"Once more into the breach, dear friends, ..."
The muddy up again.
The cement up.
Just before the gravel drop.
The grassy up.

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