Saturday, January 19, 2013


Sorry I've not been writing much in the way of words lately, but I am frantically packing up the house in anticipation of our family's grand relocation to Luxembourg. We leave Valentine's Day, a little less than a month! Pretty darn excited though I will certainly miss Bellingham, the Northwest and the terrific friends I've made here. And of course, we'll be back at some point in the future so there's no point in me getting all weepy-sad.

See the bottom of this post for details about next Sunday's open-house kinda sorta good-bye thang that my good friends John and Nancy Clark are hosting. All are welcome! 
Glenn and John (who's laughing, not having some sort of fit) on Saturday, above the clouds on Burnout Road at the southern flank of Chuckanut Mountain. That's Lummi Island in the foreground with Orcas behind it.
Last Wednesday, I rode the snow bikes with Joe Brown of Methow Cycle and Sport. Lots of fun! I'll be writing a story about it for The Seattle Times. 
Today, John and Scott try to figure out what the heck this solar-powered, beeping, toilet-looking thing is.  It's up at Galby just east, and a little below Whoopsie Woodle. 
Glenn and John yesterday climbing Fragrance Lake Road. 
Partially frozen Lake Padden, today.

Hey y'all, I am deeply humbled by my good friends John and Nancy Clark who are hosting a "So Long for Now" Open House for Mike McQuaide (that's me) on Sunday, January 27 from 2 - 5ish (or whenever). Everyone is welcome and should feel free to pass the word on to whomever the heck you want to. (I mean, John Clark'll be there so you know it's pretty much open to anyone.) 

Here are deets from the Clarks themselves: 

"We are hosting an Open House to wish Mike (and Jen) McQuaide a wonderful new adventure in Luxenbourg. They came to Whatcom County and jumped right into the community many years ago, making us laugh along the way and showing us things us "Nativies" had ever seen or experienced! Hope you will join us! Jen has already started her new chapter in Luxenbourg with Mike and Baker joining her in the next few weeks.

Feel free to BYOB and bring an appetizer if you choose!

At John & Nancy Clark's, 2133 Walnut Street, Bellingham (671-5953)

Please pass the word on to anyone you know that might like to attend!"

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