Monday, June 11, 2007


Above please enjoy photos of my office transformation. From frickin' pigsty locker room packrat closet garage mudroom garbage heap--all placed atop one of the stinkiest and grossest carpets ever known to man (or woman) to what it is today: an otherworldly temple of wood laminate loveliness. Oh, and check out the rack by my wife. Racking system, I mean. Courtesy of Costco.
Next up for me: laminate pajamas. Photos to follow.
Oh yes, re: biking etc. Tomorrow's plans are for John Clark (he of the four flats by Fairhaven the other morning) and I to ride from Bellingham to Baker (Mount Baker Ski area) and back--about 115 miles and 6,200 feet of elevation gain. Hopefully, we'll see those two bears I saw last month.
Oh yes, check out Seattle Times' Pacific Northwest Sunday Magazine for a piece I wrote about trail running with me mates: (

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  1. You need to clean up your desktop next, way too many icons on the screen. How do you find anything