Monday, June 04, 2007


Right. So this past weekend we went camping with Bellingham's esteemed Robbins family. They of Emma, Deb and Jim fame. We has a simply smashing time in weather that couldn't have been more boffo. Seriously.
We took the ferry from Anacortes ($77 for us, $50-something for them--piracy or what?) and headed to Mountain Lake in Moran State Park. Then we mountain biked, ran, hiked, kayaked, fished, frisbeed, ate, stared at the campfire, smored, and loads more. It was like we were all at summer camp.
On Friday, June 1, Jen and I celebrated 20 years together (married for 13) and spent the next day and night at the posh (and rather spicy) Rosario Resort. Jetted tub thingee. A deck overlooking the water. Bed the size of our living room floor. It's all good.

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