Wednesday, July 11, 2007


What we done was goed campin' with the Robbins family, this time to Manning Park, in lower British Columbia. It was Independence Day, it was, and being how Belling ham on the 4th tends to sound like Baghdad, we opted to head north. Where there was nary a snap, crackle or a pop, and our campground boasted flush toilets and free hot showers. As I once saw Kirk Cameron say on TV in reference to the Ice Capades (I believe), "It just doesn't get any better than this."

So ... there's Jim on the top of Frosty Mountain, our objective on a truly spectacular alpine hike that ended up being about a mile north of the U.S.-Canada border. In fact every peak you can see in that south-looking pic is in the U.S. The summit is a hair under 8,000 feet and the total hike was about 16 miles. The photo below is the final 300- foot push to the summit.

Just below that is Deb and Emma Robbins set in artistic blur just behind some Western Pasque Flowers. Finally, Emma and Bake made some new friends while swimming in the icy waters of Lightning Lake--William and Paul from Ladner, B.C. (Remember the days when kids had names like William and Paul? And Mike? And Jennifer? And Deb? And Jim?)

This Saturday, Jim and I are set to tackle STP--Seattle to Portland in one day. Two hundred miles. My plan is to let Jim do all the work for the first 198 miles until we get to the base of the Col de Columbia River Bridge when I will take command, dance on the pedals in a most immodest fashion and bring glory to our team. I will wait til after we're finished to inform Jim that 1) it's not a race, and 2) we're not part of any team.

Wish us luck!

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