Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Huuuuge thrill. I'd written an essay about my father and read it last night during a live taping of the Chuckanut Radio Hour ( at Bellingham's Leopold ballroom. Packed house too, like 300 people. Headed up by Chuck and Dee Robinson of Village Books fame (, the show is kind of a local rendering of "A Prairie Home Companion" complete with live music, comedy skits, readings, etc.

Doug Fine, author of "Farewell My Suburu" (, a humorous tome about living green on his ranch in New Mexico, was the featured author/interviewee. Other performers being the venerable Robert Muzzy, the hilarious Alan Rhodes, the dextrous guitarist Walt Burkett and a bunch of others. It was really, really cool being onstage with so many talented local folks.

The show airs Saturday at 6 p.m. and Sunday at 9 p.m. on KRME, 102.3 FM. It's show 15, I believe, and I'm on just after the intermission, about halfway. But listen to the whole thing; the show's great! There's also a way to listen to it via the magic of the Superduper International Worldwide Innerwebber thingee but I've not figured it out. Here's that:
Big weekend coming up. Bake's school has a field trip on Friday down to the World Rhythm Festival ( at Seattle Center. Saturday, it's the Washington State Elementary Chess Championships ( in Redmond, and Sunday I'm hoping to do the Vance Creek Master C's race down in WayDownSouthSomewhere, Washington.

Below, apropos of almost nothing, is another video of one of my New Jersey rides from about 10 days ago.

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