Saturday, April 11, 2009


Out riding again with the Team Unattacked Boyz. Forecast was for rain, so we headed up Alpe d'Chuckanut on two 29ers and a 'cross bike. Always a great time. About 30 miles, 2,500 feet of climbing, about 2:45 of riding. Solved a lot of the country's problems too.

Tomorrow, Easter, and Paris-Roubaix. I'm probably waking at 5, gonna shoo away the Easter Bunny then watch the race live on I'm a full-on cycling geek nerd dork dude, I admit it. Hardly care at all about baseball season starting or the Yankees' coming and goings--their new stadium, etc.--which, until about five years ago was pretty much what my sporting spectator world revolved around. Anyway, it'd be cool to see Tornado Tom or Fabian Cancellara on the podium, or even George Hincapie, though that's more a sentimental wish than anything. Here's a quick pick: Boonen, Flecha, Chavanel.

Bummer bit of news: looks like the Mount Constitution Hill Climb, which I rode last May and was planning to again next month, is cancelled for this year. Apparently a victim of the bad economy.


  1. Why is Scott riding a blue bike in part of the video and a red bike in the rest? Does he actually bring a spare bike on these rides???

    He was such a quiet, reasonable, easy-going sort of man before he started hanging out with you two!
    ; )

  2. Scott's got quite an extensive stash of bikes that you don't even know about! - McQ