Monday, April 27, 2009


Saturday, Team Unattacked (John Clark, Scott Young and I), headed north up Sumas way for some Reese Hill action. Always good to get this one under one's belt. Did South Pass Road too so that Scott, who's riding the road bike segment for our Ski to Sea team could get some experience on the course. Funny, when you dread hills they're never as tough as you think they're going to be. And vice versa, and I think therein lies the key: dread all things so that nothing seems that bad. (God, I am not looking forward to writing this next sentence.) Put in 60 miles in all with some fun rolling ups and downs on Mission Road. (Hey, that sentence wasn't that bad!)

Thought I'd give an update on my race plans too. This Sunday (May 3) I'm planning on the Tucker Classic mountain bike race down at South Seatac. It'll be my first-ever race in the Indie Series (, which I've heard nothing but good things about. The following Saturday I thought I'd try the Silver Lake time trials out Maple Falls way, maybe the 7-miler on the 29er, and the 22-miler on the Specialized Tarmac, sans aero bars. It's a Charlie Heggem production: ( May 17 is another Indie Series race, this one on Whidbey Island. And May 24 is B'ham's own World Championships, also known as Ski to Sea. I'm on Awesome Dawson Descending Masters, sponsored by Dawson Construction. (Thanks, Pete!) John's running, Scott's road biking and I'm mountain biking, for the first time ever. Should be fun!


  1. Anonymous4:08 PM

    You are not riding for The Bagelry this year???

    Chuck D

  2. Good one, Chuck!