Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Two days in a row with beautiful, sunshiny days that are nothing less than glorious--right on in seriously groovy and righteous way! Snow at the top of Galbraith Mountain is finally gone so I headed there on the Felt Nine Pro, it of the 29-inch wheels. Views were stunning all around. Above, Mount Baker; below, our fair city by the bay.
Below is something that's pretty cool--a kiosk with tools set up by Brandon Strong, a Bellingham High student, probably for his senior project. (I don't know details, but he gives shout-outs to Kathy Salisbury from Fanatik, Mark Peterson and Darren Clark from http://www.whimpsmtb.com/ and Allen Young.) It's at the bottom of the Mullet Trail. Speaking of da' Mullet, see video farther down of the Mullet's long cool bridge.

Me, looking all short and stubby leg-like at the top of Galby, as the kids call it.

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