Sunday, September 20, 2009


I didn't used to be such a neurotic morning person but these days when it comes to rides and runs and the like I like to get at 'em early, get 'em done with, and get on with the rest of my day. Only downside is with events that have soft start times (any time between 7 and 10, or whatever), unless I show up with a friend, I sometimes end up riding by myself. Last year, I soloed the entire Apple Century in Wenatchee which, after 5 hours or so in one's own head, can be a bit of overkill.

Likewise, today after my 7 a.m. start, I rode about 55 miles on my own before hooking up with nice guy Rick Nolan (above). Nonetheless, it was a beautiful ride down to Skagitland, out to Samish Island (see post below for pic of Samish Island), down to Bayview, on up Bow Hill and back to B'ham via Samish Lake. No wind, so I didn't really mind riding by myself but after a few solo hours contemplating life and the Skagit chip seal, I talked myself into calling it a day when I got back to Boundary Bay, where we'd started. My odometer said 72 miles in almost exactly 4 hours.

The above shot is a snip from  Hovde Productions, the ride photographer. As I'm wont to do when I spot the camera I go for my Tom Boonen finish line pose but he got me as my hands where on the way up. (Which of course makes no sense because I'm behind Nolan in the shot.) 'Least I was rockin' the Belgian national champion jersey.

Cool story on here about the single-speed world championships in Durango, Colo. Sounds (and looks, from the photos) like a crazy event.


  1. Anonymous7:12 PM

    This is Ed again. Eric and I went to SSWC09 with our other brother. In Eric's words, "it was the hardest day on a bike he's ever had" Plus the food stops offered bacon and twinkies and the only liquid handups were beer and whiskey.

  2. Wow--I read that it was pretty burly. Photos were pretty hilarious. Did you guys ride in costume?

  3. Anonymous4:19 PM

    My brother Joel made shirts and had some really short orange shorts that we wore. Luckily we wore bike shorts underneath because they kept getting stuck on our seats pulling them down. anyways it was a great ride. Great atmosphere, great single track, great people.

  4. That's great! Hey, what gear do you ride on your 29er SS? Mine is a 36-18. Not sure what most people ride. Again, great job at Durango!