Saturday, September 12, 2009


Please enjoy this video in which John Clark and Mike McQuaide mountain bike the myriad trails on Blanchard Mountain, just south of Bellingham. Vid starts out with spectacular vista from atop Oyster Dome which itself is atop the Bat Caves. (Song is "Is There a Ghost?" by Band of Horses.)

Lots of fun, especially on Max's Shortcut, and much challeng in the way of roots and rocks. Probably smart we rode it when it was relatively dry. Spent a fair amount of time off our bikes hiking when we couldn't ride the crazy-steep pitches to the two spectacular overlooks. (The one above the Bat Caves is perhaps the more impressive with views far into the San Juan Islands and across to the Olympics.)

Video ends with a message to the Titanium Cowboy (Scott Young) who, we learned yesterday, has a broken hand from that fall he took about a month ago. Ugh.

Good luck Sunday to all Ride/Run 542 (Mount Baker Hill Climb) participants!


  1. Awwww... that was sweet. I know the cowboy appreciates it.

    Hey! I love this whole one handed husband thing! Not. Scott assures me that you and John are willing to pick up the chores on the honey-do list that he can't manage with the cast.
    ; )

    Seriously. It's kind of sad. My tough ol' cowboy spends much of his day watching and re-watching biking videos on your blog, or just sitting and gazing at his bike... all misty eyed. Let's hope the wrist heals quickly.

    Ride on.

  2. Love to help with the chores, g., but I've got this pulled muscle thing that keeps me from ... deltoid thing, y'know ... lower back spasm pull muscle ...