Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Gather 'round kids, here're some phots from the 2010 Hell of the North! And shout-out, props and all that to Baker McQuaide (age 11) who came up with much better pics than I did!
Race poster in Roubaix.
Second-place finisher Thor Hushovd survives the Arenburg Forest. (Bake McQ, photo)
Big Tom Boonen on the streets of Roubaix just before entering the Velodrome. (Bake McQ, photo)
Close-up of the pave at Compiegne, about an hour northeast of Paris and where Paris-Roubaix actually starts. (Bake McQ, photo)
Fabian Cancellara's winning bike is the front one on the left.
George Hincapie at the Compiegne sign-in.
Baker McQ at work.
After Paris-Roubaix, an exhausted Baker McQuaide and mum Jen on the train from Lille back to Paris.